What do sustainability labels mean?

With the increasing preoccupation in being sustainable, came a preoccupation in buying products that are also made in sustainable condition and this is why we need sustainable labels. There are hundreds and hundreds of sustainable eco-labels but most consumers don’t know what they mean, therefore don’t know if they are even trustful or not! 

Today we are going to dip a little on the world on eco-labels, covering the most popular ones. 


If you see this logo on the product, you are assured that forests and its local and biological life were preserved ensuring their economic and ecological sustainably 

Fair trade

This is an ethical logo, it represents a fair trade with the producer to ensure their sustainability so they can invest more in their future. A product that carries this mark has to meet social, economic and environmental standards that ensure good work conditions, good resource management and it’s main point, fair trade relationships. 

 Friend of the Sea

As a project of the World Sustainability Organization, this logo certifies sustainable practices in various fish consuming related areas, like Fisheries, Omega 3 and Fish Oil.  it is accredited by Accredia, a member of the EU national accreditation body.  

Rainforest Alliance Certified 

If you see this green frog seal on a product that means that it has met several standards of the three different pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. It ensures sustainable farming with biodiversity and natural resource conservation, a better and improved life and the rights of workers, their families, and communities. 

RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil 

This seal certifies that the palm oil used was sustainably resourced and the amount used can be tracked through the supply chain.

These are some of the most used eco-labels. But there are countless more, making it difficult for the consumers to know what they buying! We didn’t mention the logo you were looking for? Try! It has more than 400 different eco-labels! 


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