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If you want to make a difference in the world here are some tips on how to do it! Make sustainability your ability!

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Gender Equality

First of all what is gender equality? Gender equality is a movement that recognizes that men and women are not equal in society and that gender affects their position and rights inside of that society. This movement fight for eliminating those discriminations that exist and to walk towards equity. Generally speaking this discriminations are… Continue reading Gender Equality

Decent work

Decent work is a not so talked about issue on our community. Many times people accommodate to poor working conditions because they think it is normal or they can’t do anything to better them. But what is decent work? Decent work is employment that respects the labor rights and includes all workers, formal, non-formal, self-employed… Continue reading Decent work

Want to help? Volunteer!

Do you feel like you could help someone who is in need? Then, you could be a volunteer!! Being a volunteer has many benefits: it allows you to understand someone else’s reality, and you are empowered to help them build a better life. On the other hand, volunteering really makes your CV/Resumé stand out, when… Continue reading Want to help? Volunteer!

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